Give it a rest….and unplug!

After writing my first paper on how social media impacts our daily lives, I stumbled upon this article which talk to how all of us are always connected, every second of the day — even suggesting being over-connected. This past Friday and Saturday (March 7-8) were the fourth annual National Days of Unplugging.  Non-profit group, Reboot started this movement when several of their members needed to “turn off” their connectivity and just want to be “free”!


People were encouraged to sign up via the event’s website to pledge to unplug for a specific reason — mostly dealing with re-connecting to someone or something that they love that doesn’t involve cell phones, computers, tablets, or social media.

ImageThe purpose of this 24-hour period qa to create more awareness of how we interact with our devices and the impact this has on work, family and mental health. Members of Reboot suggest that we find device-free pockets of time during the day and eventually find a balance that works for all of us – working these moments into everyday life. However, it’s easier said than done – as we are all so reliant on being connected that the will power to make the break is especially hard!

Tanya Schevitz, Communications Manager at Reboot, says, “…people are overwhelmed. It’s physically taking a toll on [them]. If you think you have to respond to everything all the time, that’s an unrealistic expectation.” She feels that planning “unplugging moments” is key to rekindling relationships otherwise tarnished with partners, children, friends and colleagues.

Have you ever felt over-connected? Did you ever want to power down your smartphone and disconnect from the world? I know I have, but it’s difficult as I feel “naked” with my phone. It’s a challenge I’d love to accept. So…who’s with me?

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2 Responses to Give it a rest….and unplug!

  1. lbenjamin81 says:

    Unplugging is a great idea! Even if it’s just for a day!

  2. alyssagr says:

    I like the idea of unplugging for a specific activity that you don’t typically have the opportunity to enjoy.

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