Where Do We Go Now ? One Expert Proposes Radical Openness

The question of “Where do we Go from Here” is compelling, and frustrating, and a little scary, but it’s a challenge that is very real and very present, and ultimately its up to us to do something about it. Our class discussions, and the recent blog posts on the topic resonate so loudly with my personal experience. Last weekend we hosted a family dinner with friends, and there were about 10 of us at the table: 6 people sitting in chairs, and an iPhone that regularly lit up with texts throughout the meal. So I’d say we were about 10 for dinner! Conversation was a little fractured…

There are a myriad of behavioral adjustments those of us who aren’t digital natives are having to make in this revolution, and I don’t pretend that I like, or even feel like tolerating, some of them. But there’s no going back, and we need to make it work for us and for our children. So, here’s one offering in answer to “Where do we go from here?” — a magnificent Ted Talk by Don Tapscott from 2012 that a colleague recently shared with me. The cliff note version is that our world is opening up, driven in part by the recent number of global crises, and we need to open up our institutions in response. The talk’s four principles: open-ness, collaboration, transparency, and empowerment are fundamental to humankind, and by embracing them we can evolve to a greater global human consciousness. In the brief talk he covers anecdotes as varied as crowd sourcing a gold mine, the use of social media as both a military weapon and an emergency first responder, natural ornithological phenomena, and ends with a plan for building a new future. Interwoven throughout the talk are ideas for new models of organizations, and a thoughtful analysis of the role networks and social media has played and could play in crafting a resilient future.

Radical OpennessIf you are short on time, start at Minute 9, but the entire talk is both entertaining and uplifting, and certainly worth a runthrough.  The book is going on my reading list!

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