What does selfie tell us?


Selfie was brought to the front stage at Oscar! You may miss Oscar, but woulddefinitely not miss the star-studded selfieposted by Ellen DeGeneres on Twitter. One of our classmates has already discussed how popular this selfie is on Twitter. In a couple of minutes, it crashed the site, and even broke Twitter record. It is hard to deny the fact that selfies have already mushroomed into a social media mainstay. Why are social media users so interested in posting and sharing selfies? What can selfies tell us?


There is a new research project Selfiecity which studies the science behind the selfies. Selfiecity is coordinated by Dr. Lev Manovich from the City University of New York. They began with collecting selfie data from five cities around the world including Bangkok, Berlin, New York, and Sao Paulo. Then by comparing the pictures from “a mix of theoretic, artistic and quantitative methods”, they investigate the demographics of social media users, and their styles of selfies.

The findings are really interesting. Based on the data collected from five cities, women post significantly more selfies than men. Additionally, women show more extreme facial expressions and poses than men in selfies. It is also shown that most of social media users posting selfies are young people, aged between 20-25. For more details, please see the theory and reflection for this study.

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