Welcome to Facebook High: Top 3 Reasons Why Facebook is Like High School

1. Feeling the need to have lots of friends

I remember when my roommate first told me about Facebook during my freshman year of college. It sounded great; I could keep in contact with new and old friends, without actually seeing or talking to them on the phone. “I’m in” I told my roommate. I noticed after about a week of being a member on Facebook, I only had about 10 friends, including my roommate. Randomly she asked me one day, “how many friends do you have on Facebook? I have over 100” she bragged. I replied “wow, but you’ve only been on Facebook for a week, I have a little less than that.” I felt embarrassed to tell her exactly how many friends I had. By looking at the grin on her face, I could tell she was proud because she had more friends than I did. I felt inadequate so I started adding and accepting as many random friend requests as possible.


2. The fight for likes

Let’s face it, most people who post comments on Facebook look forward to how many likes and responses they will get. When Facebook first introduced the like button, I didn’t think it was a big deal. However, I noticed after this feature had been around for a while, some of my friends were getting hundreds of likes on certain posts and photos. I was a bit surprised that the like button had become so popular. So I started posting more photos and updating my status more on Facebook. I noticed that I was getting very few likes on the things I posted; I was lucky to get 10 likes on a really great post or photo. I thought to myself, “maybe people aren’t liking the things I post on Facebook because they don’t like me.” This feeling was all too familiar, it reminded me of high school when I felt like I had to always say the “perfect” thing, to elicit a “perfect” response from other kids. I wanted to be liked by my peers. Today, I am very conscious of what I post on Facebook, because I sometimes feel sad if others don’t like it. Sometimes I won’t post anything at all because I’m not sure how great of a response it will get.


3. Most people work hard to maintain their image

You remember in high school, how there was that girl who was always trying to get attention from the guys. She was the girl at the metal detector who would always get stopped because she had to do the arm check for her short skirt. Or she would unbutton a few too many extra buttons on her blouse, then when someone commented on how low her blouse was she would pretend as if it was a mistake. Similarly, you have women on Facebook posting provocative pictures with low cut tops, short skirts or see-through garments. Granted it is not only the women who posts revealing pictures. I’ve seen many men posts photos of themselves not wearing a shirt so that others can see how spending 5 days in a gym really paid off for them. But hey, I usually don’t complain about the men.  Now that Facebook is linked with Instagram (an application that allows you to immediately posts photos from your phone onto Facebook) I see a lot more provocative photos.

In addition to posting photos, a status update is the perfect way to maintain your Facebook image. I see people who posts witty comments because they want the world to know how intelligent they are, the people who post comments about being in a fight because they want people to see how tough they are, or the ones who constantly post photos of themselves with their family because they want the Facebook community to see how family-oriented they are.

In high school, having the right image was everything. The way a person dressed, acted, and who they hung out with determined their image. I use to wear baggy clothes and look serious a lot because I wanted people to think I was tough so that they wouldn’t tease me or try to start any trouble with me.


I could go on and on about how much Facebook is like high school, but I think a lot of people would agree that these are the 3 biggest reasons.  Please feel free to add to this list and tell me why you think Facebook is like high school or why Facebook is not like high school.

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