Social Media Vital on College Campuses!

20140127MWHscreensEdTab01-2(1)I remember when I first started college and got my very first email address from Penn. It took ages for me to get on the account and it was only something that I did 2 to 3 times per day. At the time I didn’t have a smart phone so I could only check updates from teachers, coaches, and friends when I was plugged into the internet.

Oh how life has changed!

With the impending snow storm looming on sunday I received emails and tweets that Penn would be opening at 10am so that people could take their time getting into work. The message was sent easily and efficiently and was able to reach a large audience.

Colleges everywhere are starting to embrace social media and use it in everything they do.  In an article written by Bill Schackner of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Schackner explains that TV’s have now been mounted at food courts in Robert Morris University’s cafeteria with the screen showing live tweets that involve campus life. The tweets range from updates on class schedule, exam dates, sporting events, and tweets from students. In fact, the students love it so much that getting their tweet onto one of the TV’s to voice it to a school wide audience is an accomplishment.

The student center at Robert Morris has 31 flatscreen tv’s with more than a dozen of them carrying social media platforms. Communication in an academic environment is vital, but it has never been more transparent as it is now. You are no longer just another number to a school, but through social media you now have a voice. A voice that carries not only to your friends, but to your professors and leaders on campus as well!

Penn will open today at 10 am. Classes will also begin at 10 am. See  for details.


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One Response to Social Media Vital on College Campuses!

  1. ddillworth says:

    Social media is definitely crucial on college campuses. For someone like me, who doesn’t check my email as often as I could, a text could definitely save me a trip! The school sent out 2 different text messages to make sure students knew what the deal was 🙂

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