Change? No. Complex? Yes.



                            Change? No. Complex? Yes.            

                       (Where no man or woman have gone before)

A Point of View:

Social Media has not change the conversation.

Social Media
has made the conversation more complex.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that the conversation among and between people has changed due to the arrival of the Social Media era.

Because it really hasn’t!
(Challenge this, If you can!)

People, of every religion, race and gender, are still engaged with the same conversations that they have carried on with for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.


* Who is getting married?
* Where do we want to live?
* Now?
* Is it a boy or girl?
* How do I look?
* Does he like me?
* Why doesn’t she like me?
* Hey, what was that for?
* Really?
* Will we make it?
* Why?
* Is that true?
* How?
* Can we agree on this?
* What?
* War or Peace?

The list goes on. Millions upon millions of conversations started by simple questions. What has changed is that the conversations have become more complex and visible due to these new Social Media conversation platforms.

Everyone is trying and finding a ‘voice‘ among/within these conversations.

Within the ‘human condition’ there remain certain constants. One of these constants happen to be:

‘People want to be heard and sometimes understood.’

It’s just a fact of the lives we live. There is always a story or storyline which is always trying to be conveyed. And this conversational reality is difficult to conduct in a world where people:

‘Talk at each other, and not to each other!’

Sadly though. This is where we’re at. This ‘conversational pattern‘ is not just being experienced nationally, here in this country (US). It’s being experienced worldwide!

Case in point:
* ‘Arab Spring’
* Kiev
* US Sequestration
* Senkaku/Diaoyu islands
* Gaza
* Syria
* North Korea
* Somalia

It’s a real mess at there!

Social Media has turned our basic human desire to communicate with each other into an unregulated informational super highway reality.

This is probably the current reality regarding Social Media platforms:

To go where no man or woman have gone before


You are now in the …….

So, I ask the question again:

Where do we go from here?

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One Response to Change? No. Complex? Yes.

  1. thesoos1 says:

    Like the theme of making us think about, “Where do we go from here”!

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