Apple Turns to Tumblr to Save the 5c?

iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5c, Apple’s attempt at a more affordable version of the standard iPhone, has been fluttering around since its release on September 20, 2013. The more-wallet friendly model hasn’t made as a big of a splash as Apple forecasted, causing a decrease in its production and an increase in the standard iPhone model, the 5s.

In an interesting move, it seems that Apple has turned to Tumblr to try to generate some new buzz for the 5c. A barrage of recent articles (including this one), based on some investigative work, speculate that Apple is behind the recent creation of the “iSee5c” account that appeared on Tumblr just a few days ago, which features five short video animations that quickly highlight each iPhone5c color.

iPhone5see on Tumblr

Tumblr, which has apparently “pleasantly surprised” it’s new owner, Yahoo, acquired Tumblr partially to gain access to it’s younger base of users. Could that be Apple’s aim in using Tumblr? On a broader level, is Apple just trying get as many new people hooked into the iPhone before discontinuing the 5c and retreating the options to standard iPhone? I digress. If anything, I think Apple’s choice is a simple validation or badge of credibility for the Tumblr folks more than anything else. Poor old Tumblr doesn’t often hit marketer’s radars:

Poor Tumblr

As a side note; I hope I can be pleasantly surprised by one of my own 1.1 billion dollar investments some day. Adding it to my bucketwish now.

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