What a waste? The next big thing in cell phones!

A few months ago, I came across this video for  Phonebloks, a new concept of a phone made of detachable blocks that connect to one base. Built on an open network, you would design and upgrade “bloks” depending on your needs – more storage, better camera, new screen or a sound-boosting speaker along with having the fastest speed “blok”, etc.

I watched the video (didn’t donate to their cause), but it got me thinking about the next newest thing in cell phones. If you stop and think about all of the electronic waste we create as we upgrade our devices, it’s astronomical! As consumers, we are more savvy on when and how to upgrade our devices as newer, better products come on the market. We move quickly and tend to be quick to purchase the newest gadgets, but take the time necessarily to think about the environmental and sustainable aspects of the constant change in devices.

Recently, Google introduced Project Ara (which is similar to the Phonebloks concept), but already prevalent as it carries the Google/Motorola branding along with it. This concept (as shown below) is still in the prototype phase, but it really intrigues me that, going forward, the dialogue surrounding cell phones will change from having the newest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy to active users sharing, creating and obtaining the newest components!

Not only will it make the base model more sustainable, but it will cut down on the constant changing of overall devices and the environmental impact they have.Image

The full, detailed article was featured on TIME.com on February 26, 2013 and you can view both projects in detail here. What are your thoughts? Would you be an advocate of this new design? What are some of the flaws or issues we should/could anticipate?

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