Is Amanda Bynes trying to rebuild her social media image?

Amanda Bynes, who we were first introduced on Nickelodeon is back on Twitter after she deleted many of her controversial tweets.  Last summer, Amanda felt the need to tweet who she thought was attractive or “ugly” along with a few other not so nice tweets. She called out Drake, Jay-Z, Rihanna, and even Michelle and Barack Obama! People began to follow her just to see what she will say next.  I personally would love to get my hands on her twitter stats like we saw in our last Social Media class.

It became apparent she was dealing with some health issues last year and those controversial tweets seemed to confirm she wasn’t in a healthy place. After a DUI and some time in a mental rehabilitation facility, it seems she is now back on twitter with a very short message to her fans.


I am interested in watching this all unfold to see if she is able to rebuild her social image.  At this point I would say very few of her “fans” are cued in to see what tv show she will star in next.  This may be her chance to try to turn things around. How? I’m not too sure – but I am now an Amanda Bynes Twitter follower, mainly to see if she able to change her reputation through social media since I doubt she will be doing much acting until this happens.

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