Mississippi Man Dies then Comes Back to Life


Walter Williams, 78, was pronounced dead this past Wednesday night at 9:00 pm in his Lexington, Mississippi home.

Holmes County, Mississippi Coroner Dexter Howard received a call from Williams’ hospice nurse telling him that Williams had passed away. Family members were also alerted of his death.

Howard and Byron Porter from Porter & Sons Funeral Home drove to Williams’ home to collect his body. When Howard checked Williams’ pulse again, after arriving at his home, he then confirmed that the 78-year-old man was indeed dead.

After Howard completed the paperwork, Williams was placed in a body bag and transported to Porter & Sons Funeral Home located in Lexington, Mississippi. He was then placed on a table for embalming. Then, the unbelievable happened, the body bag began to move. In a statement Howard said:

“we got him into the embalming room and we noticed his legs beginning to move, like kicking. He also began to do a little breathing.”

Immediately Howard called an ambulance. When the paramedics arrived they hooked Williams up to monitors and found a heartbeat. He was then taken to Holmes county Hospital and Clinics.

Howard said in his 12 years as a coroner he had never seen anything like it. When the Los Angeles Times asked for his opinion on this matter, his response was:

“I would say it’s a miracle from God. It’s beyond me. I don’t know. It’s beyond me.”

Howard explains that he believes he did everything right and according to protocol. He explained that the hospice nurse also checked Williams and confirmed that he was dead at that moment.

When family received the news that Williams had come back to life, they were shocked but rejoiced. Williams’ nephew, Eddie Hester, reported to CNN that he was present when Howard and Porter zipped the body bag up. Hester was very surprised to hear that his uncle was not dead.

Walter Williams' Family on Fox 29 News

Walter Williams’ Family on Fox 29 News

Family members visited Williams at the hospital on Thursday and said that he was able to converse with them, but was still “a little weak.” They were all overjoyed to have their loved one back into their lives.

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