Movie the Movie: A YouTube Sensation

MoviethemovieIn light of the Academy Awards approaching this weekend I would like to speak about a YouTube campaign that Jimmy Kimmel did two years ago and how I played a crucial role in bringing it together.  His show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, broadcasts on ABC, which is the same station that brings you the Academy awards each year.   After the awards are done Jimmy always has a post show special and he wanted to do something very unique to promote this special. His idea was to produce a comedy skit that involved many of Hollywood’s top stars and spoof a mega blockbuster film.  The likes of Tom Hanks, Martin Scorsese, J.J. Abrams, Matt Damon, Charlizechewie Theoron, Meryl Streep, and Chewbacca starred in the production entitled Movie The Movie and it became a YouTube sensation with 25, 128,122 views and counting.

I feel like this was a brilliant marketing campaign by Kimmel and his team feeding off that the star power that The Academy Awards bring with it.  According to and the Nielsen Ratings, In week 23 of the broadcast television season ending Sunday, February 26, led by the Academy Awards, ABC easily won with adults 18-49 with a 3.2 adults 18-49 rating average   Let’s face it big name stars bring in numbers in this country.  Whether you like it or not we have an infatuation with celebrities and movie stars, they are America’s version of royalty and I believe it’s hear to stay.  Check out the skit and share your thoughts.

It’s an interesting story of how I became involved in the whole process and to be quite honest it caught me off guard.  At the time I was running an upstart production company,neptune Neptune Media.  Through Neptune Media our goal was to produce another feature film.   The screenplay was in the process of being written and our plan was to start a website to promote the film throughout the entire process, from pre-production to post.  The working title of the film was Movie The Movie, so we purchased the domain name  A few months after, I received an email from an associate of a big player in the dot com world, you know all those guys who made millions by buying up dot coms in the 90s.  At first I thought it was scam but upon further research realized this was the real deal.  Just like that the name went from something simple I thought up over a slice of pizza to something that was now in demand.  On top of that I did not know whom the buyer was working with as we were negotiating.  He was playing his cards very close to his chest.  After weeks of negotiation a deal was struck and both parties were satisfied.  Weeks later I noticed a spot on TV advertising the website  Upon further review I found out that Jimmy Kimmel and his people were behind the whole transaction.  Call it luck or call it business innovation on my part it was quite an honor to have one of my creative ideas associated with such a high scale platform in the entertainment world.  The actual skit that was shot has since been taken down from, but it will still direct you to The ABC website and the skit is currently available on YouTube.

-Joe Lavin

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