Can you hear me now!

Can you hear me now!

People are ‘social‘ creatures. There is no denying it! Since the beginning of humanity, human beings have always formed collectives. We call them ‘communities‘.

A major aspect of human interactions in these communities fall in the area of ‘conversations‘. People ‘communicate‘ with each other on a constant basis. They see each other, they meet each other and they speak to each other. It’s a major phenomena among our species, a part of our social DNA and it’s all very natural.

Throughout history humans have used many forms of communications.
Here’s just a small modest list of them:

* Smoke signals
* Drums
* Computers
* Animal sounds
* Lights
* email
* Pony express
* Telephone
* Satellites
* Carrier pigeon
* Books and Magazines
* Sculptures
* Facial and Body movements
* Billboards
* Internet
* Pen and Paper
* Hubble
* Art
* Ka-Band 20.185 EIRP 22dBW
* Sign language
* Speech

But watch out! Now Social Media platforms are here now. And they have empower people to stay in connected, healthy(?), and educated ‘contact medians‘ involving family, friends and others that easily surpasses the connecting capabilities of list mentioned above. People can now individually have a ‘voice‘, which can empower them to express themselves ‘freely‘ and ‘powerfully‘.

For example:

Whatsapp is a mobile app that currently service approximately 450 million customers worldwide. These customers only pay one dollar per year to use this messaging app. Whatsapp gives an individual the ability to communicate with anyone from around the world in an extremely affordable way.

Our social communication environment has been fundamentally changed, drastically, in recent years by Social Media platforms. For a pretty reasonable cost, in time and money, people can now broadcast their new look (Brand) at speeds and volumes unimaginable a decade ago.

People also seem to be attracted to Social Media platforms because of its creative environments. Which allows one to have the freedom to think and act about their own regular and radical thoughts.

People are building communities and personal images all the time.
It’s not easy for people to accomplish this process in person.
Social media platforms allow people to ‘image‘ themselves and connect with others in a more efficient and scaled way.
Some of the social media giants understand this fact. And that’s why Facebook bought a tiny mobile messaging company for $19 Billion!
Where do we go from here?


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