A Hispanic, a South Korean and a New Yorker Walk into a Bar

                          puerto rico       south korea     us flag

Did I get your attention?  If you like the headline, don’t thank me, thank Howie Mandel.  Social media is about making connections.

Not being much a fan of reality shows, this story is a powerful inspiration for the influence of social media. Three opera singers, in a group called Forte, were remarkable in their initial audition of Americas Got Talent this past Fall.

Their backstory is that they met online a few weeks prior to their audition and in person for the first time just a couple of days before the show. The group’s first performance at Radio City Music Hall stunned the judges. Unfortunately, the singer from South Korean had visa issues and had to be replaced by another opera singer.  Not surprisingly, the two remaining members of the group connected with him via the internet.

It goes to show that the internet can be a powerful tool to make connections.

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