‘There is no such thing as …’

‘There is no such thing as …’

Global climate change‘ or ‘Global warming


Well, what if that is the case. Then, what’s happening ‘up there‘? Can anyone please explain: ‘What is going on?‘.

Has the weather really changed in the last one hundred years or so or are they just making up this story?

By the way, why is it that the weather is more violent and unpredictable than ever before?

Government observation:

Secretary of State John Kerry recently made an unbelievable statement during a conference being held in Indonesia. In which he said:

‘And in a sense, ‘climate change‘ can now be considered another weapon of mass destruction, perhaps the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.’


Everyone knows that this language is directly related to the language of ‘terrorism‘. The Secretary of State then bolsters this statement by citing a number of actual weather events that have occurred recently.

He goes on to cite:

‘ …despite more than 25 years of scientific warning after scientific warning after scientific warning – despite all that, the call to arms that we heard back in Rio back in 1992 – despite that, we still haven’t globally summoned the urgency necessary to get the job done. And as a result of this complacency, last year the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere reached the highest point in human history – despite all the warnings.’

‘Scientists predict that, in some places, heat waves and water shortages will make it much more difficult for farmers to be able to grow the regular things we grow, like wheat or corn or rice.’

‘…just the other day visited California, where millions of people are now experiencing the 13th month of the worst drought the state has seen in 500 years. And no relief is in sight. What used to be a 100-year or a 500-year event is now repeating itself within 10 years.’

Secretary of State Kerry makes a very strong case for implementing some type of environmentally saving action(s) regarding the current state of our world climate.

I, for one, consider his comments to be a ‘call to action‘:

Let us, the United States of America, as a people and a nation take up the mantle of saving the earth’s environment! In this new world of Social Media, we could ‘possibly’ pull it off. Let contact and connect with everyone and everybody! It will take a Worldwide team effort to win and WE must lead it!

‘Hey, honestly, we’re in trouble people.’

We do, however, have the ability and the tools to solve this problem. It’s not a matter of whether we can or not its a matter of will we solve this problem or not.

Time is running out. Let’s do it now!

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