Social Media and Drinking Games

ImageWho hasn’t enjoyed a good drinking game? From playing the card games, or TV Shows where you make up drinking games. The college live as well as some high schoolers always find a game around drinking. Time posts about a drinking game going across social media in the UK and has already killed two people. The fear is that it will come to the US.

The game is called Neknomination, the idea of the game is that you post a ridiculous video on a friends wall challenging them to “beat” what they did. Not complying results in ridicule from friends. These dares have included drinking out of a toilet, mixing it with dog food and other gross things my stomach could not handle reading. We could hope that these teens are smart enough not to go along, but this has obviously not been the truth in the UK. This “game” can be used on so many social media platforms, already on Facebook and twitter, but could spread not only to the US but Instagram, snapchat and vine. 

Want to see what it is all about, all you have to do is YouTube Neknomination. I will spare the videos for those who do not want to see it.

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