Identical Twins Find each other through Social Media

Two sisters unknowlingly seperated at birth found each other through Social Media: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Skype.


The sisters live on two different continents and never met until last year. At age 25 Samantha Futerman, an actress living in Los Angeles received a Facebook message from Anais Bordier, a French fashion designer living in London, England. Bordier told Futerman she had seen her in a YouTube video that looked very much like her. Bordier indicated she looked up Futerman’s name online and discovered they were both adopted and were born on the same day in Busan, South Korea. They were placed in seperate foster care agencies and adopted separately.

Bordier said when she saw Futerman’s video it was shocking to think that she had a twin sister that she never knew. That’s when she sent a Facebook message to Futerman and chatted via Skype. The two women recently took a DNA test that erased all doubt. The two really are identical twins, and felt they were even before verification of DNA. The twins have decided to make a documentary about this unique experience and have launched a Kickstarter called Twinsters.

Good things such as this story really do come from using social media. The twins probably would not have found each other had it not been for Social Media!

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