Out With The Old, In With The New

rocky 2Following up with our class discussion last Tuesday with Syd, I wanted to speak on apps that help with health and fitness.  Seems like old -fashioned exercise and dieting has been taken over by a new wave of mobile apps. In the New Year with exercise and healthy eating  at the top of everyone’s mind it seems only right that I share what’s out there.  Jennifer Cohen from foxnews.com did a piece, 5 fitness apps that actually get results, and she speaks about the apps that seem to be making the most progress in the fitness world.

runnerkeeperCohen lists her top 5 and chose Hot5 as her number one pick.  “Hot5 is hands down one of my favorite apps for 2014. From abs and core to yoga and flexibility and everything in between, Hot5 contains pages and pages of 5-minute video workouts that are super easy to follow.” Gympact comes in at number two on her list and basically the concept is you lose money if you don’t reach your workout goals for the week and make money if you do.  Getting paid to exercise sounds like a pretty good deal, if you can keep up with it that is.  Weightwatchers mobile incorporates the weightwatchers’ old calorie point system and helps you keep track via your mobile phone.  This makes counting calories very simple and easy to handle.    Being a runner myself I really like number four which is Runner Keeper, and I currently use it on my phone.  It has a built in GPS that tracks your routes and miles and even calculates an estimated amount of calorie burn at the end of your workout.   The last app Cohen list is Zombies, Run 2.  I have never Zombiestried it but it sounds fun.  Almost like mixing a video with working out as Zombies chase you in attempt to eat your brain, via the phone of course.  The runner’s job is to collect supplies and complete missions along the way.

In my opinion these apps are great and are bringing work outs to the next level.  With heart disease at an all time high in this country exercise and fitness have become a very important part of our society and I am excited to see what the future holds for everyone from the workout guru to your average joe looking to get off the couch and kick it in gear.  Something to think about as the snow paralyzed most of the area and has kept many people indoors, I for one can’t wait to try some more of these out.

-Joe Lavin


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