Sharknado Just Needs Social Media

ImageWe have all heard of Sharknado, the movie has been popular enough to make another movie. Many have not watched it saying it is just another Snakes on a Plane, but how can you be not tempted to watch it. The question comes to mind how did a movie called Sharknado becomes so popular?

In this article it talks about the success of Sharknado. Syfy used a $1.5 million budget in order to create the movie, just a made for TV movie. This is common for Syfy as they create about 12 movies with about the same budget per year. You can find movies like Sharktopus that the concept is just as ridiculous as Sharknado. That is the point though, to make cheap low grade movies that cause people to watch Syfy. 

Before Sharknado was premiered, Syfy used different types of social media to promote it, but mostly using its own website and television network. Syfy was using Twitter, and only hours before premiering fans were sharing their excitement to watch Sharknado, and Syfy would respond to these fans. They wanted to connect with their fan base over social medial. The first airing had about 1.3 million views but with about 5,000 tweets per minutes totaling 300,000 tweets during the airing, that staff were trying their best to keep up responding to. Not only were average viewers tweeting about Sharknado, but even celebrities like Will Wheaton were too!


After this airing Sharknado was now a trending topic and others wanted to see what this tornado of sharks was. It was the talk on news CNN and USA Today even talking about Sharknado. After its success, even though the views were lower than its average movie, Syfy decided to air it again. The second airing had 1.8 million view, and the third it broke Syfy history with 2.1 million viewers.

The author of the article argues that it is due to the celebrities talking about Sharknado that is the reason it became so successful. But celebrities are not the only ones on twitter. Could this have possible happen with out the use of celebrities, and are ratings and box office hits being promoted due to the use of social media?

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One Response to Sharknado Just Needs Social Media

  1. agercke says:

    I’ll admit that I watched this months later on Netflix, but ONLY because I was still dying to know why it got so much social media spotlight. It’s the worst hilarious movie you’ll ever see, especially since the end takes romance and bravery to a whole new level. Ian Ziering was perfectly cast in the role of his lifetime. #90210 #trustme

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