Cheerios is at it again: Interracial Couple Game Day Commercial Ad


Last year, Cheerios released a new commercial to promote heart health. The commercial ad features a biracial child asking her Caucasian mother if Cheerios is good for the heart. When the mother confirms that they indeed are, the little girl goes into the living room and pours the box of Cheerios on her African American father’s chest. He then wakes up to find himself in a pile of Cheerios. Sounds cute and harmless right? Apparently not every thinks so.

Controversy has swarmed the internet over this commercial. Youtube was bombarded with comments from people who were unhappy because Cheerios portrayed an interracial couple in their commercial. Some argued that this is not the way a typical American family looks, while others explicitly expressed how disgusted they were at the site of this couple. Some people even requested that the commercial be removed off air. Cheerios said they will not take the commercial off air. However, recently, Youtube has decided to disable the comment section for this commercial due to racial remarks.

Despite the harsh comments, Cheerios recently decided to release a new commercial to promote their brand, as well as family and love, using the same cast from their first commercial. In this new ad, the dad announces to his daughter Gracie that she is going to have a little brother. Little Gracie then bargained for a puppy too. To the surprise of her mother, the father agreed.

The new commercial has over 4 million views on Youtube and over 2,000 comments. I scanned most of the replies and did not see any comments displaying anger due to the fact that this is an interracial couple. Most people said that they do not understand why this commercial is a controversial topic and gave kudos to Cheerios for being brave enough to air another ad after receiving backlash for the first one. However, when I listened to the D.L. Hughley Show I was shocked to listen to one woman who called into the show openly expressing her dislike of seeing an interracial couple in a cereal commercial and during the Superbowl. The caller said “I represent the society of concerned cereal eaters and we feel that there’s no place for an interracial family in the cereal eating community, absolutely not.” I could not believe the audacity of the caller and her harsh remarks.

Cheerios did not let the negative comments from their first commercial stop them from promoting this new one. All families do not look the same and Cheerios is there to let the world know that they’re okay with that.

Have you seen the new Cheerios game day commercial? If not, take a look below.


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