Buy / Vote / Give via #Action Hashtags

In general, hashtags have served as a way to tag and find content. They have been a tool for conversation. But what if you could actually make something physically happen, such as a purchase, via a simple social media post. If it works out as Chirpify envisions, you’ll be able to do just that.

For instance, imagine you’re watching the Super Bowl half time show and a graphic flashes on the screen saying, “Post ‘#Buy #BrunoMars #Number of Tickets’ to buy tickets to the upcoming Bruno Mars show in NYC.” Within seconds, you can pick up your a technological device or “second screen” and have tickets in your possession.

Suddenly, consumers are empowered with the ability to make purchases in the moment. As Chirpify CEO Chris Teso explains, “We wanted a way to enable advertisers and their consumers to convert in the moment on their mobile device, no matter what they were doing.” In a world of ever-increasing desire for immediate satisfaction, this has the potential to be an amazing tool.

In particular, this will offer a huge opportunity to traditional media advertising such as radio, television and print where consumers do not have the opportunity to take immediate actions if they encounter something they are interested in.


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