Why and to what end


All day yesterday, April 15, 2013, I received breaking news alerts about bombs going off at the Boston Marathon. At first, I just couldn’t believe what I was reading, but the tweets kept coming. I received a call from an alum who photographs the medical tent at the Marathon every year telling me he was safe and to let others know. It felt like NYC all over again.

The scale was not as big, but to those involved life will never quite be the same again. Boston will change like New York did for a while.

This morning while reading the full articles and viewing the scene I could not help but tear up wondering why and for what purpose do people need to push their agenda in such a violent way. I think if there can be any bright side to this senseless tragedy it is that people helped one another, are tweeting and blogging their support to the victims and Boston and radiating a defiance that despite the carnage, they will be back again next year. So let’s all keep the tweets coming, supporting those in need of support and in defiance of terrorism.

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