What’s happening to me?!

I must admit that lately I have become a tad bit obsessed with infographics. There’s something about the clear visual arrangement of information that I find extremely compelling.  For me, this reinforces all the discussion that social media will become increasingly visually oriented. It’s hard for me to describe what exactly it is about info-graphics that I find so attractive but I’m seriously hooked. I realized I could no-longer escape this fact when I found myself confronted with this infographic.


Clearly it’s not just me and for some reason that provides me with a sliver of comfort. The day I came across this I sent it to my best friend.  She loved it as well. That same day she framed it and hung it in her bathroom.

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1 Response to What’s happening to me?!

  1. sydhavely says:

    Tyler–Your post reminded me of this cute video clip on the “paperless society.”


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