Showcase Chrome’s Web Speech API by Creating a Silent Film with the Peanut Gallery

Picture Courtesy of Hightech-it

Picture Courtesy of

Recently Google announced its new update to Chrome. It now has Web Speech API which you can think of as Siri for Google. You can compose emails using only your voice. This is perfect for someone like my mother who only knows how to send a text messages on her cell phone by speaking to it. I get a kick out of her every time she does so. Anyhow this update will allow more web-based apps to become voice driven.

Lately, Google has not seen the speech recognition feature grow in the popularity department. To showcase its feature a little more, Google would like you to create a silent film using the Peanut Gallery.

According to Nick Sommers of TNW, users simply go to the website and select from one of more than a dozen classic clips from silent films such as Phantom of the Opera, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Lost World and Voyage to the Moon.

I was unable to try it because I do not have Google Chrome. It gives me a message that says “Aw, Shucks!” Now I must go and download Google Chrome out of curiosity.

Here’s a wonderful clip below to show you how it works:


To read more about this new experiment, please click here.


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