GoPro cameras – making amatures look good


I recently read two articles about GoPro that caught my attention.

This little camera, had an interesting beginning and seems to have become a disruptive technology. By merely strapping a one time use waterproof camera onto his wrist while surfing, CEO Nick Woodman, developed a nitch market for sport photography and video. His small inexpensive cameras can take relatively good photos and video and were originally used by enthusiasts of different sports.

Now through sharing on YouTube, the cameras are everywhere. The use has been ever-expanding and Woodward is now a billionaire. Felix Baumgarten used GoPro in his historic decent and many have found new and interesting ways to create special effects with the cameras.

Traditionally attached to a helmet, handle bars or On your person, GoPro takes memorable photos of your experiences. It seems that the consumer is finding as many new uses for the camera as the research team.

Now GoPro is being used to create a “matrix” like effect. The results are really cool and fun to experiment with. I think I need one.

Read more about how you can get one too!

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