Adam Schefter: The Anti-Ambien


For those of you that don’t follow sports, Let me introduce you to Adam Schefter. As a reporter and analyst for ESPN, Adam Schefter has become the foremost authority on big news in Football, namely the NFL. He has done this in a relatively short period of time. Hired by ESPN in 2009, Schefter has broken some of the NFL’s biggest stories and he has created a huge following on social media. With over 2.1 million followers on twitter and almost 300,000 followers on Facebook, he has become a powerhouse in social media and is a must follow for anyone who is looking to be at the forefront of NFL news. Schefter is always on the prowl for information and always seems to have the inside scoop before anyone else. This made me start to think… how does this guy sustain his work rate and stay ahead of social media? Social media has given everyone reporting power and in order to stay out in front, it requires an insane work life balance which at times is probably 95% work/ 5% life… Sleep is for the dead.

I think that the same can be said for many community managers, journalists and reporters. Voice giving technologies have given everyone a voice and an outlet for a story. In order to be relevant, immense pressure, and in Adam Schefter’s case, sleep deprivation has become a necessary part of the job description. In an interview on ESPN Radio, Schefter said jokingly, “I have slept five hours in the past 48 hours.” If this is what it takes to be a relevant journalist with the advent of social media, GOOD LUCK TO ALL THOSE IN THE INDUSTRY.

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