SXSWi 2013: Bravo’s Andy Cohen Creates Interactive TV Program #WWHL

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The current SXSW Interactive Conference is coming to a close after four intense days of tech talk and future thinking. Most famously, Twitter launched at the very popular event in 2007, ultimately revolutionizing communication channels and further giving hope to the community of young, innovative, engineers and entrepreneurs planning to make their stamp in technology history. 6 Successful SXSW Startup Launch Stories

Attending the conference, (as well as visiting Carnegie Mellon University’s design school last week) has my mind swirling over the future. The future that no longer feels distant as we are moving and communicating faster than ever before.

Instead of diving into those thoughts, I want to highlight a great example of how our current social media technology is well utilized to entertain, engage and even introduce the use of new platforms.

Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 6.22.09 PM Andy Cohen, Executive Producer and host of BravoTV’s “Watch What Happens Live” is visiting Austin for the second year in a row to discuss how social media drives the content for his late night talk show. As a result, the program is completely interactive – something that is a clear differentiator from any other late night talk show. The production of Watch What Happens Live evolves in real time – there is no editorial calendar here. The scheduled guests influence the show by their current social media interactions with fans (and “haters”) which essentially produces the interview questions Andy will have.

During his talk at the conference on March 8th, Andy announced that the WWHL show will begin implementing the use of Vine while on site in Austin. Andy  also offered the advice that knowing your brand and studying your failures ultimately helps in getting better at making difficult creative decisions. As Austin likes to call it, keeping it “weird” will forever be a good thing: Andy’s 1st Vine

Have you ever interacted with your favorite television show? For a little more on Andy at SXSWi, check out this interview of Andy for Forbes:

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