How Sticky are new Social Media Apps?


At SXSW a new app called Koozoo was launched. The idea for Koozoo was imagined by CEO Drew Sechrist while he was on vacation. He thought it was ridiculous that he could not see what was going on back in his neighborhood, given all of the digital technology available to people. Thus, he created the app which crowd-sources live camera feeds across the world to broadcast what is “going on”. It is a great idea in theory but it made me think… Will this app stick? Will apps like Koozoo and Vine sink their teeth into the everyday social media habits of society?

When I downloaded Koozoo, I liked the idea. However, I viewed it with a critical lens that asked “How often will I use this app? And can I see myself using this a month from now? Koozoo made me think, at what point will enough be enough? With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as the behemoths of the social media landscape, are niche apps like Koozoo going to stick?

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