HootSuite University

hootsuite certifiedOn the Social Media Today group via LinkedIn, one topic of discussion was HootSuite University’s certification program.  The costs of enrolling in HootSuite University is $30.99 a month.  This membership fee allows you to, “Stay up to date in today’s rapidly changing media landscape through social media education and industry-recognized certification.”

I believe that a good test of the worthiness of a certification is to look to see if any employers require or prefer said certification for employment.  I did a quick nationwide search on a few job sites and below is what I found.


 returned more than 1,000 jobs with the key word of “social media” but only eleven even mentioned HootSuite and none mentioned a HootSuite certification.


My search on Careerbuilder also returned no results for HootSuite certification.   There were sixteen jobs that mentioned HootSuite experience and I found 6,227 jobs with the key word “social media.”

indeedVia Indeed , again I found no jobs that mention Hootsuite certification, however, 364 mention HootSuite and the keyword social media returned a whopping 34,682 jobs.

simplyhiredSimply|hired had no job descriptions that listed a HootSuite certification, seven for the keyword HootSuite and 1,921  jobs that mentioned social media in the description.

Well I don’t think I will be handing my credit card over to HootSuite University just yet.  However, this could be a sign of things to come.  What do you think?  Would you be willing to invest in a social media certification program?

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1 Response to HootSuite University

  1. Olivia says:

    Sounds kinda fishy. $31 per month is a lot of money!

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