The Secret Sauce of Online Advertising?

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Who has seen an advertisement on their news feed that has made them stop in their tracks?….. Well I have. The one in the picture above was well positioned as I have been searching the web for kitchen ideas. When I saw this advertisement I thought, “Wow thats awesome” and then I simultaneously got freaked out. We are all skeptical of ads that seem all to personal. Ads that seem too targeted! But how do marketers get us to let our guard down so that their message can permeate our thick skulls, which are cluttered with noise?According to Allison McCann in her article:

“An advertisement tries to strike the perfect balance between interruption and disruption, enough to get you to stop what you’re doing and process the ad, but not too much to make you instantaneously rebel”

According to McCann, Facebook may have  found the secret sauce of online advertising by incorporating ads onto the news feed.  What do you think? Have you ever been looking at your news feed, come across a new company that a friend has liked and then liked it yourself? Or have you ever come across an ad, like the one above on the news feed, that made you stop what you are doing?

 I know that this has happened to me multiple times…… It’s sneaky but not too sneaky, invasive but not too invasive. There is a delicate balance and I think Facebook has found it.




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One Response to The Secret Sauce of Online Advertising?

  1. Adam Preset says:

    Speaking only for myself, I don’t find a small ad or two that bad on my mobile device, although I’ve rarely clicked through. However, whenever I’ve seen an ad that takes up three-quarters of a screen or more in my news feed, it rubs me the wrong way. I have experienced that moment of targeted advertising totally appropriate to my needs, as you say, though. It influences me in that it exposes a new option I may not have considered. I’ve rarely just clicked through and purchased outright, though.

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