Have a “tween aged” child? Read this…..



Margaret Rock did a bit of investigating in her article entitled “What girls really do on Instagram”. Recognizing that the tween generation have mobile devices and are huge consumers of social media, Rock was seeking a number of things. How is the emotional intelligence of tweens effected by their mobile device clickity clackin’? Also, what platforms are they using to communicate with friends?

Rock found that instagram was the preffered platform of tween girls who thought Facebook was SOOOO Yesterday. Similar to facebook, the tweens she talked to were still concerned about posting things that got likes on Instagram. However, they felt that Instagram allowed them to be more creative– doctoring up their pictures to be unique. They also liked Instagram because it is a different community where they felt more protected. Most importantly though, tweens liked the heavy visuals of the platform which allowed them to convey messages without words.

As this generation becomes more involved in head-down, device tapping behavior, which promotes poor face to face communication skills, look for trends in social media that will enable this behavior. Less words the better.

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