Want to save your Company $45,000?

Raise your hand if you put your best self forward on Facebook… Your an all-star mom who works full-time, is PTA president, a master chef in your spare time and you let everyone know it via Facebook posts and pictures. Ok, maybe raise your hand if you “know someone” who epitomizes this behavior.  This will spare the shame of your self-promotion.

Nars, a cosmetics company, had a simple yet ambitious goal: to promote a new cosmetics line using social media without giving away free product or paying for advertising. Through research, Nars recognized vanity in human behavior and set out to capitalize on it. More specifically, they recognized the importance of the cover photo on Facebook. . They did their homework and created an app that allowed their customers to give their Facebook profile a makeover. Who doesn’t like a good makeover? The campaign was a success and it prompted engagement–an estimated 823,000 impressions on Facebook. According to one buying firm, it would have cost the company $45k to generate the same number of impressions using Facebook ads.

What a novel idea for a social media campaign! It proves that if you bring value to the audience you will get value in return.


To Read More: http://on.mash.to/12c1lqe

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1 Response to Want to save your Company $45,000?

  1. gaughan2013 says:

    That is amazing and in a way so simple. I love the way the app engages the user. It is exactly the type of interaction that you want to promote your brand awareness. It gives me a lot of great ideas.

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