A Super Bowl: High Chex Mix-pectations


With all of the hype surrounding Super Bowl #47 last night I had to ask myself, what are we trying to take away from it really? And why do we have such high expectations? I have spent most of my day reading through the commercial critiques, Beyonce praises, the ‘black-out’ minute-by-minute thrills, all the while also promoting my own request for an oreo  #cookiemade Liberty Bell (they better do it! @oreo #cookiemade #iloveyou!)

Ultimately, the Super Bowl does something very important for our country and our families – it unites. It wipes store shelves clean of Frank’s Hot Sauce, and it gives everyone a reason to gather around the chex-mix in one room and become critics of everything from referee calls to dance choreography and whether or not a commercial was worthy of our time.

Angela Watercutter writes for WIRED “The Cultural Impact of Super Bowl Commercials: From ’1984′ to Mini Darth Vader”. Within she cites the fact that the Super Bowl commercials even have commercials now – leading up to the big event, garnering buzz through controversy. Definitely check out the Apple video available there, first shown during the 1984 Super Bowl. Can you imagine how much will change by our 2042?

With it all, we really do have escalated expectations. Perhaps by next year our TVs will be personalized so that we only see what is relevant to ourselves (hey, car-free city-dwelling, gluten-free dieting, single girl over here). In meantime, pass the chex-mix and look out for our @oreo #cookiemade Liberty Bell, Philly…

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