Facebook’s latest creation Graph Search has the potential to unlock our past with a single query. Thats an exciting yet scary thought. Imagine if a colleague of yours typed in this search: “Pictures of my friends at bars in Philadelphia”.  Some of us may be holding our breath.

However, there is Facewash. Detailed in the article below, Facewash is a newly created app on Facebook that is out now before Graph Search becomes available. It is a scrubber that looks at your profile and brings to light embarrassing moments on Facebook that you may have overlooked. It is not 100% failsafe but it is a good start to cleaning up your Facebook profile for inappropriate or unprofessional content. Regardless of what you find, Facewash reminds us that we should begin to consider that our professional and personal online identities are being merged.

Check Out THIS LINK for the Full STORY
or visit below:
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