How luxury brands are using social media

Before asking the obvious question – how are luxury brands are using social media, it’s worth looking at the question, do they actually need it in the first place?

Some may argue that by their very definition, luxury brands are about exclusivity. Social media on the other hand is all about reaching the largest audience possible. At first glance, the two don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

Stopping to take a closer look, however, you’ll find that social media is what you make of it.

This article examines the exclusive Burberry, Rue La La, Mercedes, Tiffany’s and Four Season’s brands and how they are successfully incorporating social media into their marketing strategies.

I found the Four Season’s use of social media, in their ability to localize customer service, to be the most appealing and effective in terms of engaging their customers and giving them that “extra touch”.  The Four Seasons has created individual Twitter accounts for each of their hotel locations, thus enabling customers and employees a more personalized and effective interaction.  For example, this Twitter post is an excellent use of direct customer engagement and superior customer service:

Nicole Cormany@NicoleCormany  19 Mar 12

Booking our all expenses paid trip to the in Florence,Italy courtesy of @RodanFieldsHQ rocks!

@NicoleCormany Wow! That’s fantastic! You’ll having an amazing time @FSFlorence. Here’s some info you may find helpful

The local Four Seasons in Florence provided this future guest a whole list of things to do in the area upon her arrival!

All of these brands are building upon their corporate goals and image to create a social media presence that works for them.  In fact Burberry ties their 21% year over sales increase in major part to their successful and strategic social media presence.  Mercedez-Benz created a Twitter “Tweet-Fleet” campaign in one German city just before the holidays to advertise their new functionality, a tool that informs people in the area of open parking spaces and navigation to get to these spaces.  The day the campaign was launched, Mercedez-Benz was in the top 3 most talked about brands in German social media (see video and full article below.) 

Read more here to see how these luxury brands are utilizing social media…

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