Chardon High School shooting news was spread rapidly by social media, texting

In the chaotic and critical minutes following the shootings at Chardon High School, text messages among students and to their parents almost
instantly conveyed news of injury and death – and also messages from
those who hid in safety.

 In this era of rapidly spreading social media, many of the parents who showed up at Chardon High knew their children were safe because they received text messages from them minutes after the chaos began. 

Read more here.

This portrays how useful social media can be in tragedies such as this, in terms of notifying loved ones and relaying real time accounts of the event.  This article immediately brought me back to September 11th, and the impact that text messages, Twitter, and Facebook could have had on that devastating day.

To read some of the tweets by students of the high school during and after the shooting, click here.

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