The “Kitchen Sink” in My Pocket?

Will convergence happen soon enough for my iPhone addict? In order to stave off household budget problems and to see if I can hasten the next generation phone/pad/laptop/reader/player by fluttering my own butterfly wings, I’ve declared that my partner cannot purchase an iPad or the next iPhone until it is all one device. By “it” I mean all the electronic gadgets piled in our backpacks, on our desks, plugged in on the kitchen counter. I don’t think this is an unwarranted hope, I just don’t know if it will happen fast enough.

I don’t mean an ultrabook—a combination tablet and laptop—I mean everything, in one device. Occasionally I hear about this future super device that is everything at once—an iPad tablet that is as loaded as the best MacBook, faster than the hoped-for iPhone 5 with a little pull-out deck device to clip to your ear or glasses or slip in your pocket, with enough memory and power to forever clear all the previous iPod/laptop/tablet/ereader/TV/smartphone/dumbphone devices piled in the back of our closets. I’m disappointed when I find an article from almost two years ago predicting some form of this convergence that still has yet to happen. I’m hopeful when I read a Mashable article asking what the toddler iPad will be when it grows up.

I’m tired of filling my closet with cast-off computers and phones (my Mac SE/30—which cost me over $4,000 in 1990 and is now referred to as a “low-end Mac”—is still in there!). Maybe I’ll have to wait. Maybe my partner will win this round. But when I realize that the iPad itself is only two years old, I regain my hope in the ever-accelerating speed of the technology landscape.

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