The Twitter Brand Bowl 2011 winners are…

Today on his web site Brian Solis has an excellent analysis of the use of twitter during the Super Bowl here. Who were the winners? He explains:

Working with the PeopleBrowsr team, we tapped the Twitter firehose to analyze the worldwide conversations around each commercial. As you’ll see, in the Brand Bowl, armchair quarterbacks and sofa referees define the big game for advertisers; an expensive game where some win and many lose.

Report Highlights:

– Brand Bowl Tweets increased 271-percent between 2010 and 2011

– Doritos received the highest number of mentions in 2010 and the third highest in 2011.

– The auto industry also represented the most social activity of all commercials in 2011 led by Chrysler, VW, and Chevrolet.

– Ads placed in the second quarter captured the most online viewing attention than other spots.

– VW’s “The Force” commercial earned the most positive sentiment.

– Groupon ads received the most negative response.

In his analysis Solis talks about twitter volume, twitter velocity, and player sentiment – all three of these metrics are evaluated and the 2011 tweets compared to 2010. The chart below represents brand comparisons for 2011 vs. 2010. To find out who had the most tweets by volume, velocity and to see the sentiment ratings, you can read the entire article here

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