What Is Facebook, Really

In a post today on Harvard Business Review online author Jeffrey F. Rayport outlines what Facebook is in this article called What Is Facebook, Really? Several of headlines of points he makes include:

First, Facebook is not really a website anymore. Second, Facebook is preternaturally addictive. Third, Facebook is magnetic as a function of its social engagement. People are drawn to it, because people are drawn to people.

I recommend you read the entire article since he raised some interesting points about Facebook in ways that are quite thought provoking. The article mostly speaks to how Facebook has become as fabric of life as a utility or the phone, and how it has been embraced globally.

And speaking of how Facebook has so permeated the global consciousness, TechCrunch posted this article with some interesting statistics about Facebook’s reach and impact in 2010. According to Candytech, a Prague based consulting firm that creates and executes Facebook campaigns, Facebook averaged almost 8 new registrations per second in 2010. Some other stats include:

-Facebook ballooned from 337 million to 585 million users in 2010
– That means roughly 7.9 new users signed up every second of the year, on average
– USA and the UK are in the top 3 countries, but Indonesia is second with 32.1 million users
– The top 10 countries make up nearly 60% of all users
– The large majority of users is between 18 and 34 years old
– … but the fastest growing age group is 65+ (+124%)
– Three food brands (Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Oreo) make up the top 3 brands on Facebook
– Michael Jackson may have passed away, but his legacy is strong: 26.2 million fans
– Coca-Cola gets 4 new Facebook fans per second and is the number one brand with 21.6 million fans.

I find a lot interesting about these 2010 statistics. But for me, one thing really sticks out.
What do you think it means that a dead pop star has more fans than Coke?

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