Egypt and the social media revolution

I don’t know if you have been following the popular uprising/revolt that is currently taking place in Egypt.  But the social media coverage is running the gamut.  You have real time tweets about events.  Facebook posts that are keeping freinds and familiy members aprised of the situation.  Youtube vidoe reviewing the latest action and confrontations. Tumbr providing mobile phone photo and media posts.  Blogs of every possible language are analysing from a socio-economic to a political perspective.

What is more amazing is that the news is no longer being pulled – rather its being pushed through multiple links across formats.  If you want to see this go to AOL, Yahoo or Google and type ‘Egyptian uprising’.  Every story seems to link to video, commentary or insight from one of the aforementioned social media formats.  I think Marshall McLuhan would be proud.  The medium has indeed become the message.


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1 Response to Egypt and the social media revolution

  1. Bruce says:

    Totally agree with you James that this is McLuhan in action. You can be sure we’ll be talking about the use of social media in the context of Egypt tomorrow night in class.

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