Seed, Feed and Weed

Actively “seed, feed, and weed” is one of Five Tips For Smarter Social Networking suggested by Eric Hellweg of the Harvard Business Review. Hellweg says: “We are all trying to figure out how to get more value from online social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Most of us are just skimming the surface in terms of the potential these networks offer us as individuals. To realize this potential, we need to become more active orchestrators of our social networks, setting the tone and drawing out others.”

Here are his five tips.

1. Express more vulnerability.
2. Mix professional and personal lives.
3. Provoke.
4. Promote others.
5. Actively seed, feed and weed.

Whether you are a heavy user of social media or light user, how do you work within your network to communicate? What are your “organizing principles” for managing your time and your relationships with other Facebook and twitter users in your community? Do you mix the professional and personal side of your life? Do you feel comfortable doing that? What do you think the value of promoting others is?

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